Hawaii artwork by artist Emily Jung Miller Emily Jung Miller Kauai Watercolors

Protea Wreath  #983

Kauai artwork by Emily Jung Miller, 2023

Protea Wreath Kauai watercolor painting - Artist Emily Miller's Hawaii artwork of  art

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Sculptural protea flowers make a classic Hawaii style holiday wreath. Red Pincushion proteas surround a pink King protea and a pink Rose Mink protea, gathered on a simple band of metallic gold. Proteas have been grown in Hawaii since the 1970s, and are native to Australia and Africa. Their winter bloom time makes them a natural choice for the Christmas season.

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Artwork Dimensions (unframed): 11" x 12"
Commissions are closed for 2024.

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5x7 matted to 8x10" Art print
Unmatted 8x8" Art print
8x10 matted to 11x14" Art print
11x14" Paper giclee
16x20" Paper giclee
12x16" Canvas wrap
16x16" Paper giclee
18x24" Paper giclee
18x18" Canvas wrap
18x24" Canvas wrap
22x22" Paper giclee
24x32" Canvas wrap
30x30" Canvas wrap
30x40" Canvas wrap
Set of 8 Greeting Cards + Envelopes
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