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About the Artist

Emily Jung Miller, Kauai Artist

I have spent my life on the coast, and all my artwork has its roots in my love of the sea. I have painted Kauai beaches and landscapes, tropical flowers and Hawaiian culture in watercolor and acrylic since 2001. My paintings of Kauai celebrate the island’s deeply felt sense of place, and explore the relationship between our landscape and culture. I am drawn to the natural beauty and cycles of change in coastal environments, and the visual presence of our place in the larger network of natural systems.

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I am a lifelong artist with a passion for materials. My work in different media ranges from plein air and studio watercolor painting to glass and metal sculpture, functional porcelain ware, digital and darkroom photo processes, interactive installation work and more. My work has been shown in museums and galleries throughout Hawaii and the United States, and is included in the permanent collection of the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

Plein Air

Artist Emily Miller, watercolor painting on Kauai

Since 2005, I have practiced a regular schedule of plein air (outdoor) landscape painting in addition to my studio work. Plein air painting challenges me by restricting my time, materials, subjects, and format. It is the best way for me to study the changing light and details of a landscape.

Plein air painting is very different than painting in the studio. En plein air, I might be sitting in the sand on a windy beach, alongside surfers, dogs, and sunbathers, creating artwork with my friends. Spending this intense, creative time on location creates a strong bond with the landscape and a wonderful memory of the day.


Each of my paintings begins with a careful pencil drawing, outlining basic forms and areas of light and shadow. My watercolor technique involves many layered washes of color, beginning with the lightest values and overlapping repeatedly to create darks. I use a simple palette of 7 colors: two yellows, two blues, red, green, and brown. The white of the paper becomes my lightest value, and I always mix my own shades of black.

I use only the highest quality professional-grade materials, including heavy-weight Arches watercolor paper and Winsor & Newton lightfast watercolor paints, to ensure the permanence of every painting.

Full artwork portfolio at www.emilyjungmiller.com
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Commission a custom watercolor landscape or painting of your home! A truly special and unique gift for any occasion.
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